Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

Reel Busy: Reel Fortunate, Reel Fishing And Catching

I started fishing off Cape Town, South Africa, when I was six years old, and haven't quit since. Emigrating to the United States in 1977, I was delighted to discover the excellent boating and fishing in Southern Calif. I presently reside in North San Diego County, which I consider "God's country" for weather, boating and fishing.

I purchased Reel Busy new in 2007 and covered approximately 11,000 miles with 1,600 engine hours. (Suzuki's engines are good for 5,000-7,000 trouble-free hours, with proper care and maintenance.

Three Generations

Shown in the pictures with this article are three generations: my son Sean, grandson Keegan, and yours truly - each and everyone with a big smile on his face. Trust me, these are happy times as all three of us are literally hooked on fishing.

We have done a whole lot of catching as well. The best fishing grounds we have found are south of San Diego in Mexican water. Coronado Island, approximately 17 miles south of San Diego, is great for yellow tail, and in the season, we go chase yellow fin tuna, blue fin tuna, and Dorado( Mahi Mahi). For the latter we cover 100- 200 miles a day. Locally, we catch halibut and white sea bass out of Mission Bay.

Fishing can result in a long, tiring day, but it can also be very rewarding - just to get out on the water to enjoy the scenery, whales, dolphins, porpoise, pelicans, and marlin jumping out of the water. There's never a dull moment.

Excellent Meals And Smiles

You might ask, so what do you do with all the fish you catch? Our families and friends have a huge appetite for fresh, quality seafood. We start with sushi, then we grill and bake; we also do a lot of smoking and canning. So, the answer to your question is we put all of our catches to very good use and are rewarded not only with excellent meals, but also smiles on many faces.

Now you may have another question: If you are having so much fun, why do you want to sell the boat? And, that's a good question. The answer: We live in changing times and priorities change; at this stage of my life, I am considering different options - one being a larger vessel in a boat slip in a marina.

The Time Has Come

The time has arrived when Reel Busy is going to give us all some sad faces as we say goodbye. However, we'll treasure our great memories of times with her and also know and also know she will put smiles on the faces of the new owners.


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