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Aluminum Versus Steel Trailers?

Kokopelli Trailers Give Their Answer

The debate over aluminum versus steel trailers has been ongoing for years - each side arguing better quality over the other. At Kokopelli Trailers, we have done research and stand behind our product and quality. Why a Kokopelli Aluminum Trailer you may ask? Here is your answer.

Aluminum trailers are approximately 30 percent lighter than steel trailers. By having a trailer that is lighter in weight, you have a higher carrying capacity. You will save not only in gas mileage while trailing your boat, but also in wear and tear on your towing vehicle. Less wear and tear will make your towing vehicle last longer and give you more years of motorsport enjoyment.

Lighter But Strong

Aluminum is lighter than steel but just as strong. You are not giving up integrity of the trailer in any way. Automobile and airplane manufacturers have been replacing steel with aluminum for this very reason. The majority of NASA space structures are constructed of aluminum alloys.

Aluminum will not break down and rust the way a steel trailer will over time. You will get more years out of an aluminum trailer and spend less in repairs to your trailer. The rust and paint chipping off the steel trailer contaminates our water sources and damages delicate ecosystems. An aluminum trailer will not drop paint chips and rust into our water systems. Aluminum is more efficient in lowering damage to ecosystems keeping our water systems around longer for more motorsport enjoyment.

Bolt Design Instead Of Welding

Kokopelli Trailers use a bolt design to manufacture aluminum trailers as opposed to welding the trailers together. Driving causes a trailer to bow and flex; naturally that leads to cracking in welds. By using a bolted design to manufacture Kokopelli Trailers, it allows for the flexibility of natural bowing and flexing movements. Therefore, our design at Kokopelli Trailers leads to less breakdown and money spent on future repairs to your aluminum trailer.

Kokopelli Trailers designs our aluminum trailers with fully adjustable bunks. With an adjustable bunk, you now have the ability to modify the tongue weight. You are able to raise or lower the boat on the trailer. The lower the boat sits on the trailer, the less you have to back it down a loading ramp to put your boat in the water. Your vehicle runs less risk of getting wet and having damage and wear and tear.

Aluminum Lasts Longer

An aluminum trailer will last far longer than a steel trailer. When you are ready to upgrade your watercraft, an aluminum trailer with adjustable bunks will resale higher than a welded steel trailer. You will get the money and use out of your investment by purchasing a Kokopelli Trailer.

Kokopelli Trailers designs our trailers only using torsion axles. Torsion axles are comprised of fewer components so they bolt directly to the aluminum I- beams. With this design, it makes for a trailer that has a stronger frame. A stronger frame will make for a sturdier and smoother ride. Torsion axles work on independent suspension. If you are to get a flat tire with a spring axle system, you are unable to move your trailer. With Torsion axles, you still have the use of the other supporting wheels and are able to move to a safer location to repair your flat tire.

Aluminum Bunks Standard

Kokopelli Trailers offer aluminum rear bunks standard with our trailer designs. Aluminum bunks replace older and more outdated designs that use wood bunks. Wood will rot and warp over time spent in the water. Carpet usually covers the wood and tears and frays over time. With aluminum rear bunks, you will not have to worry about warping, rotting, and fraying carpet on your trailer. Kokopelli Trailers designs the aluminum rear bunks with a UV protected non-skid rubber to protect the hull of your boat.

Kokopelli Trailers recently made LED lights our standard option. LED lights are fully submersible. LED lights do not have bulbs; they have diodes that last longer. With our seven- way RV plug in the standard design, you will not need an adapter.

Visit Kokopelli Web Site

There are many options and customizations when ordering your Kokopelli Trailer. Our Web site http://www.KokopelliTrailers.com offers a form submission to view customization options. We employ staff with knowledge of aluminum boat trailers to answer questions and help guide you through purchasing the correct trailer for your watercraft. Your Kokopelli Trailer will be an investment leading to many years of watersport enjoyment.

For more information, call (480) 251-4067 or e-mail uriah@kokopellitrailers.com.


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