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State Parks Remain Open

Since the Federal Government closed on Oct. 1, there are many Federal campgrounds that will close across Arizona.

In order to minimize the damage this will cause to Arizona's tourism industry, we would encourage reporters and others to explain that tent campers, RVers and trailer campers can contact the Arizona STATE Parks department to find a campsite if they have to move somewhere until the Federal campgrounds open again.

Arizona STATE Parks camping reservations can be made at http://www.AZStateParks.gov or call 520-586-2283. The Arizona State Parks department headquarters offices in Phoenix can be reached at 602-542-4174.

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Thanks for assisting us in accommodating visitors from around the world so they will have an amazing experience in Arizona.

Editor’s Note: As the U.S. government remains closed at press time, we have decided to note other options for outdoor activities, hoping, however, that federal services will have resumed by the time you receive this issue.


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