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Crews Repair South Kaibab Trail After Monsoonal Rain Damage

Grand Canyon, AZ – Recent heavy monsoonal rainfall caused damage to portions of the South Kaibab Trail approximately one-half mile below Cedar Ridge closing the trail to livestock use. Trail crews have completed work to remove debris from the trail. The trail is now open to livestock as well as foot traffic.

Monsoonal rainfall also caused damage to a section of the North Kaibab Trail below Supai Tunnel. Although currently open to hikers, cross canyon stock use and pack mules will be prohibited on this section of trail until work can be completed. Weather permitting, trail crew anticipate that work will be completed on this section of trail in early October. This restriction does not affect the North Rim mule operations conducted by Canyon Trail Rides between the trailhead and Supai Tunnel.

Additional rainfall could result in future damage or debris on the trail. Hikers are reminded to use caution when hiking on any trail in the park during or after heavy rain. Wet, muddy, and debris scattered trail conditions can lead to greater chances of slips, trips, and falls. Before beginning a hike, always check the status of the trails and the weather forecast.

For more information about hiking safety at Grand Canyon please visit the hiking page on our website. Current trail conditions and information about hiking in the backcountry can be found at http://go.nps.gov/grcabackcountry.


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