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Gyros Furnish Sability For Every Sportfisher Pursuit

It's said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. For the many sportfisher owners who are turning to Seakeeper for gyroscopic stabilization, it's also a means for gaining the maximum fishing advantage. In increasing numbers, owners and builders recognize that a gyro not only increases crew comfort, but can also help deliver the winning edge.

Seasickness and fatigue can plague even the most experienced fishermen. Seakeeper gyros ease these problems by reducing resonant boat roll up to 95%, whether the craft is underway, trolling, or at zero speed. Having a safe, stable platform from which to fish and perform everyday tasks allows owners and crew to handle challenging sea conditions with ease. They can go farther offshore, stay out longer, and better fight fish.

With these advantages, it's no surprise that gyro stabilization is fast becoming an indispensable tool for the serious offshore sportsman. Viking Yachts was one of the first sportfish builders to recognize the wave of demand in active stabilization units. With so many owners retrofitting their current Vikings with Seakeeper gyros, the company recently decided to offer them as an option on all new models 52' and up.

Also on board with gyro stabilization, Brunswick Boat Group recently announced a three-year agreement in which it named Seakeeper the preferred gyro supplier for this market leader's numerous boat brands. The first new build project is for Hatteras Yachts, where a 77' Convertible will have a Seakeeper M26000 gyro. This spacious sportsman's dream features a tournament-ready angling platform.

Refit projects are also still strong among Brunswick brands, and Seakeeper recently proved size presents no barrier on a Cabo 35 Express installation. Performed by Seakeeper dealer/servicing installer Atlantic Marine Electrical Services of Huntington, New York, it's the smallest craft yet to be fit with a gyro.

Despite its size, the 35' Cabo is a mighty contender in the world of sportfishing. This Cabo's owner, an offshore tuna devotee, became sold on gyro stabilization after a charter aboard a Seakeeper-equipped boat, according to Aaron Bleeker, Atlantic Marine's president. "He was so impressed with the comfort level provided by the Seakeeper that he wanted it for his own boat," he explained.

To work within space constraints, Bleeker said, "We had a naval architect draft refit plans and design mounting brackets for the gyro. It was certainly a tight squeeze and presented many challenges but the end result was completely worth it. Our client's time offshore will be much more comfortable from now on. Seakeeper is a truly amazing product and we're proud to be dealers." Gyro install photos and a sea trial video are on Atlantic Marine's Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Atlantic-Marine-Electrical-Services-Inc/127559746906.

"Relationships such as those with Viking Yachts and the Brunswick Boat Group illustrate the progression we've seen with gyro acceptance," said John Kermet, Seakeeper COO. "Owners see the difference in comfort, safety and performance gyro stabilization delivers for their current vessel.

The builders see the numerous refits happening on their brands, to where they see the benefit in offering Seakeeper for new builds."

With Seakeeper's range of gyro models, boats small and large benefit from actively controlled stabilization. The company's largest model to date, the M26000, was the ideal fit for the new 105' Jim Smith tournament yacht, one of the world's most luxurious sportfishing craft. Jim Smith Boats, whose custom yachts appeal to the most discerning owners, creates vessels that can reach upward of 40 knots or more. This makes directional stability of the essence, according to John Vance, company president.

"We had shied away from traditional fin stabilizers because of the way they affect hydrodynamics," he said. But with no external appendages to create drag, the Seakeeper gyro provides the ideal stabilizing equipment for a vessel designed to deliver uncompromising performance. "I recommended that the owner, whose wife struggled with seasickness, take a look at Seakeeper stabilization. As he viewed a video clip of a boat running with and without a Seakeeper gyro, his wife happened to be watching over his shoulder. That sealed the deal."

Having a gyro helps with more than just reeling in the catch; it also makes downtime more comfortable and enjoyable for all aboard. Dan Ghilain, captain of J & B, a 63 Hines Farley, explained how a Seakeeper gyro completely renewed the owner's interest in boating.

"We recently took a 4,600 mile trip from the west to the east coast, and life aboard couldn't have been much easier," said Capt. Ghilain. "The owner doesn't get seasick anymore, and he can even enjoy reading aboard. It's like he has a new lease on life and he's enjoying his boat much more." So much so, according to Ghilain, that the owner was inspired to lengthen J & B by three feet.

Delivering perhaps the best of both worlds in terms of fishability and leisure comfort on a large scale, the magnificent Marlena, a 141' Sportfish Trinity yacht, likewise benefits from Seakeeper stabilization. As part of a major overhaul that included electrical systems and machinery, Composite Works of La Ciotat, France, enhanced Marlena with three Seakeeper M21000 gyros.

The list of brands on which Seakeeper gyros have been installed grows continuously, now including market leaders such as Bertram, Donzi, F & S, Garlington, Intrepid, Jupiter, Maritimo, Mikelson, Ocean, Ritchie Howell, Riviera, Silverton, Spencer and Titan. Seakeeper's actively controlled gyro stabilizers are helping tame the sea, enabling sportfish owners to enjoy what they love best—landing the next big catch.


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