Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

Aquabot Transforms Wide-Mouth Water Bottles

Aquabot™ transforms wide-mouth water bottles such as Nalgene® and Camelbak® into a pressurized device that provides the versatility and convenience of a kitchen faucet, shower, hose and drinking fountain. It’s a technological leap for water bottles. All you need is a water bottle and our lid. Nothing else to carry.

It's ideal for people that boat, camp, backpack, picnic, tailgate, go to the beach, go to music festivals, have kids with dirty sticky hands and more. Just about everyone.

I came up with the idea while on a backpacking trip in Alaska. Just tired of the hassle of trying to clean gear and my body without running water.

You can see it in action here, http://bit.ly/aquabot-by-lunatec.


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