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Big Boquillas Ranch Access Will Include Fee

Ranch Rules will go into effect on Aug. 15

SELIGMAN, Ariz. -- The Arizona Game and Fish Commission and Department are advising hunters, particularly Unit 10 hunt permit-tag holders, of some decisions made by the Big Boquillas Ranch regarding access to the ranch for the upcoming 2013 fall hunting season. These changes include implementation by the ranch operator of new "Ranch Rules" that charge a $60 recreational impact fee for most adults and govern allowable hunter activities.

The Department has been working diligently to maintain hunting access to private lands on the Big Boquillas Ranch since concerns expressed by the ranch operator and landowner about behavior exhibited by some users of land managed by the ranch led to their questioning continued access in 2012.

At this point there is no formal agreement between the Department, Cholla Livestock LLC, and the Navajo Nation. Cholla Livestock LLC has made the decision to exercise its right to implement Ranch Rules that include a recreational impact fee of $60 per adult for the upcoming hunt season, beginning with the August archery-only pronghorn and deer hunts. The Ranch Rules also address vehicular access, use of blinds, hunting in the vicinity of livestock waters, and other practices related to facilitating hunting on a working ranch. Everyone entering the ranch will be under the same rules and have the same opportunity for access. For more information on the fee and the Ranch Rules, including FAQs and contact information, visit http://www.huntbigboranch.com.

The Department, Cholla Livestock LLC, and the Navajo Nation -- which is the private landowner for the area -- will continue to work toward a signed agreement into the future that will ensure access is available and that the Ranch Rules remain reasonable for our constituents.


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