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Hell's Bay names Capt. Blair Wiggins to pro staff

Energized host of Addictive Fishing TV on Fox Sun Sports and The Sportsman Channel

TITUSVILLE, Fla. -- If there was ever a perfect match of a popular TV fishing celebrity to a local boat company it’s Capt. Blair Wiggins and Hell’s Bay Boatworks. Raised in nearby Cocoa Beach, the 47-yr.-old Wiggins who hosts Addictive Fishing, has joined Hell’s Bay’s pro staff.

Beginning its 15th year Addictive Fishing’s wild fishing adventures and “rod bendin’ drag screamin' action,” is seen three times weekly on Fox Sun Sports and The Sportsman Channel.

In making the announcement Hell’s Bay Dir. of Sales & Marketing Capt. Todd Fuller said, “Blair’s professionalism promoting ethical fishing and conservation practices on the shallow water flats is a great fit. He’s a unique blend of fishing captain, TV host, producer and a leading light tackle fishing educator who loves the sport and the marine environment.”

Wiggins joins Hell’s Bay pro staffers Flip Pallot, Chico Fernandez, Andy Mill, C.A. Richardson and Rob Fordyce for special events and boat show appearances. The contingent is backed by over 100 Hell’s Bay pro guides on the Gulf Coast, and up the Atlantic seaboard.

Catching the fishing bug from his father, Blair and Kevin McCabe, his long time award-winning producer/cameraman and friend since the second grade, began fishing together as youngsters. The friendship has grown into a very successful business and popular TV show.

“Cocoa Beach was an awesome place to grow up with the fishing and surfing,” he said.

A professional guide for over a dozen years, Wiggins is nicknamed The Mogan Man, a name they made up pertaining to the sizable saltwater species they caught.

“Big bass are called lunkers, but as kids we didn’t have a name for the big saltwater fish we caught,” smiled Wiggins. “So we made up the name ‘mogan’ as a cross between a monster and a biggun. The name stuck and it also became the branding for a series of rods, shirts, etc.”

Why Hell’s Bay? “I’ve been in several of my buddies' Hell’s Bays and very much enjoyed the ride and fishing out of them,” said Wiggins. “The fishability is top notch and it’s a great boat for tournaments which I’m getting back into. Because we’ll be making long runs in open water, I’m going with the fastest boat in their model lineup a 2014 Neptune at 18 ft., 8 inches. It’s also a smoother ride, which is important since I’m not a spring chicken anymore,” he laughed.

“We’ll be taping fishing shows in the Keys and planning a trip to the Abacos in the Bahamas transporting the Neptune on top of the 62’ Viking to have a good boat to fish in along the Bahamian flats. Yacht owners who fish love having these skiffs with them. Anytime we have the opportunity to pole and fish in super shallow water we’ll be doing it with the Hell’s Bay.”

Hell’s Bay gives back to community…. and beyond

With its guides and pro staff, Hell’s Bay recently began a military appreciation initiative at Patrick Air Force base and fishing trips with disabled veterans through Project Healing Waters.

Hells Bay’s longtime passion for community and conservation projects also includes the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, IGFA, CCA, Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, Redbone tournaments for CF cure research, marine projects with the Univ. of Fla., and the Herman Lucerne Memorial Backcountry Championship benefiting Everglades National Park. Other conservation programs include the loan of its huge aerated tank for the safe release of tournament fish in many Florida-wide fishing events and removing abandoned inshore ghost crab traps in coastal waters.

Hell’s Bay is located in Titusville, Fla. For more, visit hellsbayboatworks.com to view the many features and benefits of Hell’s Bay’s nine model lineup. Or contact Fuller via e-mail at todd@hellsbayboatworks.com or phone 321-383-8223.


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