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U.S. Coast Guard Sheds More Light

Specific lighting configurations are required for boats operating between sunset and sunrise or in times of restricted visibility.

The U.S. Inland Rules apply inside the demarcation lines at the entrances to inlets, bays, rivers, etc. The demarcation lines are shown on coastal charts as magenta dashed lines. Once outside of the demarcation lines, International Rules apply.

Do not assume that your boat came from the factory or showroom with all the proper equipment. It's your responsibility to make sure your boat shows the proper lights depending upon its size and the waters in which you are operating.

The U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Rules, International-Inland encompasses lighting requirements for every description of watercraft. The information provided on the Web site noted below is intended for power-driven boats and sailboats less than 20 meters (65.62 feet). The various options are illustrated there.

Navigation lights should be checked prior to departing the dock, and you should always carry spare bulbs. The U.S. Coast Guard doesn't care if they were working when you left, only that they are working when required.



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