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Realtree Joins In

National Hunting & Fishing Day On The Horizon

Realtree has been a strong supporter of the conservation efforts of sportsmen around the nation. They have, once again, signed on to be a supporter of National Hunting and Fishing Day.

It doesn’t matter if you purchase a fishing license in Utah or hunting license in Maine, you are supporting conservation. Those funds are set aside for the continued growth of our public lands and efforts to grow our fishing, shooting and outdoor sports.

NHF Day is a day set by Congress in 1972 to recognize all the effort by sportsmen to maintain a strong conservation presence across the nation. The continued support of Realtree is a testament to its dedication to further conservation and to keep it top-of-mind in every angler and hunter.

Mark The Date

Each year, NHF Day is set to take place on the fourth Saturday in September. This year NHF Day falls on Sept. 28.

“Realtree is conservation,” said Misty Mitchell, director of conservation programs Wonders of Wildlife. “It seems like every thing they do is geared toward developing good stewards for our hunting and fishing heritage. If not for conservation, sportsmen would not get an opportunity to do what they enjoy most – spend time outdoors. It is that continued support of great companies like Realtree that make those moments possible.”

As part of the NHF Day agenda, a spokesman who is a true steward of the sports and conservation efforts is selected. Legendary bass angler, TV host and conservationist Bill Dance was chosen to represent sportsmen around the nation on this day that was formalized by congress in 1972.

Dance Understands Conservation

Dance understands the necessity to conserve and restore habitat throughout the nation. He learned early on while fishing with his granddaddy in rural middle Tennessee that conservation is a way of life that everyone should embrace. Dance vividly recalls he and his granddaddy on the banks of the river catching shell crackers as big as a saucer. Once his granddaddy had enough for a mess, the two would leave the rest for seed. Dance didn’t understand at the moment, but later in life it all made perfect sense.

“You know, I grew up in a small Tennessee town learning all about the outdoors,” said Bill Dance. I would’ve never dreamed that small world would shape the man I am today. Valuable lessons learned while spending time on the water and in the woods with my granddaddy and dad shaped the core beliefs I still hold true to this day.

“To me, NHF Day is a day to reflect about the past conservation pursuits and an opportunity to step forward to expanding what we know. I want my great, great grandkids to enjoy the type of experiences that I had when I was a little one. It is the right thing to do.”

Impressive List Of Chairs

Dance follows a long line of great Honorary Chairmen that has included: Hank Williams Jr., Jeff Foxworthy, Tony Stewart, Boone Pickens, Louise Mandrell, The USA Shooting Team, Arnold Palmer, Wade Boggs and Luke Bryan. Each has a storied past of supporting hunting, fishing and conservation efforts to preserve our national heritage.

The growing list of sponsors for NHF Day 2013 includes NSSF, Realtree, GunBroker.com, North American Fishing Club, Yamaha, Ducks Unlimited, Bass Pro Shops, Smith and Wesson, North American Hunting Club and Limit Out Productions.

For more information about NHF Day, visit http://www.nhfday.org.


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