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Arizona - Urban Fishing Report

With catfish stockings at all Phoenix and Tucson urban waters on hold during the summer months, fishing becomes more challenging, requiring anglers to be adaptable, patient and persistent.

Plenty of wily catfish still lurk the depths of the lakes, especially larger lakes of more than 4 acres.

Catfishing is fair for anglers using worms, stink baits, or shrimp fished on the bottom. Catfish can be caught throughout the day, but are most active when the sun goes down. Most catfish are from 14-18 inches, but some lunkers over three pounds are being hauled out of the lakes.

The many catfish, bass and bluegill remaining in the lakes have been around for awhile and have seen a lot of the same baits, presented in the same way. Successful summer anglers have learned to change it up and experiment with new baits and new presentations. Try combining a piece of shrimp with a worm, or try using a “worm blower” to inflate the worm and elevate it above the bottom. Do a web search for “secret catfish baits” and discover an amazing selection of concoctions likely to increase your fishing success.

This is the time to make some rigging changes and try out some of the fluorocarbon fishing lines in lighter test weights to make your line practically invisible; or try fishing without weights and let your bait flutter to the bottom. For more bites, fish with 4-6 pound test line and keep your weights to a minimum. Keep trying new things, keep at it and have fun learning more about fishing this summer.

Bluegill fishing is fair for anglers using worms and mealworms fished under a small bobber set at 4-6 foot depths or fished on the bottom. For more bluegill success, use 2 pound line, size No. 12 hooks, and just enough bait to cover the hook. Action for largemouth bass is fair with the best baits finesse plastics fished in the early morning hours.

At Green Valley lakes (Payson) fishing is best for bass, bluegill and crappie. Anglers using worms and meal worms under a small slip bobber are enjoying plenty of action, especially when fishing the outside edge of the weed-lines. Also try small curly tail grubs, marabou jigs or Trout Magnets for crappie. Fishing is poor for trout and catfish.

Game and Fish Invites Comment on Proposed Hunt and Fish License and Price Changes

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is seeking public input on proposed changes to the hunting and fishing license structure and fees. We want to hear from you.

For information on the draft license structure and fees, go to http://www.azgfd.gov/licensesimplification. This site has information on the proposed changes and explains how to provide your comments and input. The goal is to have all new licenses and fees available by January 1, 2014. Some of the changes anglers are sure to like are that fishing licenses (and hunt/fish combo licenses) would: 1) be valid for 365 days rather than just for the calendar year, 2) include all trout stamp and urban fishing privileges, and 3) include two-pole stamp privileges.

Under the proposed changes, youth from ages 10-17 may fish anywhere (urban lakes included) for $5. There would still be the option to purchase an Urban (Community) Fishing License specifically for designated urban waters that, in addition to the current 21 Urban Fishing waters, will be expanded to include up to 15 additional waters such as Tempe Town Lake and new lakes in Peoria and Maricopa. Priced at $24, the new Community Fishing License would include the two pole privileges and be valid 365 days from date of purchase.

Remember the Web…www.azgfd.gov updated stocking schedules, fishing clinics, public events, and other great fishing and outdoor information. Also check out the web for Weekly Fishing Reports, to submit your fishing photos or to send us your latest fishing report. We are also on Facebook!

Urban Fishing Program Manager: Eric Swanson (623) 236-726

Urban Fishing Program Specialist: Joann Hill (623) 236-7268

Call 1-800-352-0700 to report fishing violations. Reward money available.


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