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Arizona - Anglers Can Enjoy Unlimited Rainbow Trout At C.C. Cragin

Anglers are invited to take advantage of unlimited bag and possession limits for trout at C.C. Cragin (Blue Ridge Reservoir) until April 1, 2014.

Because the Salt River Project is pumping water from C.C. Cragin until Nov. 1, there is a potential fish kill due to the lower water levels. The Arizona Game and Fish Commission recently approved a new regulation to give the public an opportunity to fish for these trout as the water is drawn during the summer and trout become more vulnerable to being caught.

Anglers are advised that the lake has not been stocked this year, and that fishing conditions may be poor until water levels are quite low.

SRP’s goal is to pump the reservoir down to 6,640 feet in elevation to conduct maintenance on the dam and intake structure, which also will allow the Arizona Game and Fish Department to begin repairing and improving boat access.

Maintenance work to be conducted in the fall could include removal of debris and logs from the intake and spillway, as well as inspection of facilities. The department is planning heavy construction on the boat ramp and the adjacent portion of the main road to the upper parking lot, which will result in closures of both roadways for significant periods.

C.C. Cragin Notes

• Dates of boat ramp closures cannot be predicted.

• Lake levels can be found at the Watershed Monitor Web Page at: http://www.watershedmonitor.com/siteDetail.aspx?dbNm=usgs&statn_id=09398300&kw=WW_LwrVerde.

• C.C. Cragin is a 100-acre lake located on the Mogollon Rim near Clint’s Well. Catchable species are rainbow trout and crayfish. There is limited shoreline access.


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