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Free Seminar Provides San Francisco Bay/Delta Marina And Yacht Club Operators Oil Spill Emergency Resource Information

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — San Francisco Bay/Delta marinas and yacht clubs are invited to a free seminar that presents oil spill response resource information. The free seminar will take place July 11 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. in Oakland. Space is limited. Registration by July 5 is required.

As waterfront stakeholders, marina and yacht club operators possess extensive local waterway and boating knowledge.

The seminar will cover information on:

California’s oil spill response structure

Office of Spill Prevention and Response Equipment Grants

Third party claim process

General information on oil spill kits for boating facilities

California’s new Marinas and Yacht Clubs Spill Response Communication Packet

Tools and resources available to increase communication capabilities between boating facilities and the Office of Emergency Services during an oil spill

Key presenters include: California Department of Boating and Waterways, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Emergency Management Agency and California Coastal Commission’s Boating Clean and Green Program.

To register, please contact California’s Boating Clean and Green Program Coordinator, Vivian Matuk, via e-mail or at (415) 904-6905. Information on the location of the seminar, lunch and parking options will be provided once registration has been processed.


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