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Summertime In Sedona: 'And The Livin' Is Easy'

Sedona is not just a beautiful retreat from the blazing summer temperatures in the Valley of the Sun. No, it is much more than that: It is a place of peace and inspiration any season of the year.

In early May, two lifelong friends of the editor — Carolyn Sumner Robertson of Calgary, Canada (shown here) and her sister Janine Sumner Keogh of Toronto, Canada (pictured on the cover) — visited Red Rock Country with a group of 12 women who participated in Exhale Adventures, a small venture started by two Toronto women.

Exhale Adventures describes the purpose of their trips in these words: "Retreats like none other. Combining the relaxing and restorative benefits of yoga with the adventure and exploration of hiking together in one of the most serene and scenic places on planet earth. Welcome to Exhale. It'll take your breath away." For more information, please visit http://www.exhaleadventures.com/.

Carolyn Robertson wrote about part of her memorable Red Rock experience: “Each morning in Sedona around 5:45 a.m. we climbed to the top of Boynton Canyon to sit on the gorgeous red rocks as we participated in a meditation session during sunrise. The canyon is known as a "vortex" that offers healing and spiritual energy. The photo was taken just after sunrise on May 5.

”We also noticed that there were ‘heart-shaped’ rocks throughout this canyon. Some people would pick up one that they found and place it in a tree. We also [saw] prickly pears that were heart shaped. I found this noticeable presence of ‘hearts’ another little gem about this magical hike.”

Not just another “pretty face,” Sedona is a welcoming and calming retreat for visitors from all over the world and is truly a gem in Arizona’s crown — from her ruby-red rocks to her emerald foliage and her sapphire skies.

And, of course for Arizonans, Sedona’s “easy livin’” offers a very special summer “staycation.”


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