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Words of Wisdom: The Value Of A Free Sticker

It’s getting nicer outside every day and boating season is upon us. Many of you in the marine industry and boating world know me; my name is David Esparza, and I have been a member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary for 19 years and a volunteer with the Arizona Game and Fish Department as boating-safety instructor for 20 years. I have now worked at West Marine in Tempe for almost three years.

One of the first things that I wanted to talk to you about is National Safe Boating Week, May 18-24. National Safe Boating week is an annual event that kicks off of a year’s worth of promoting safety on the water. It takes place the week before Memorial Day weekend.

This year’s slogan is “Ready Set Wear It.”

On Friday, May 17 wear your life jacket to work is the plan, but why would you do such a thing? Because when you do, you are leading the way towards a safer day on the water.

Set the example for others to follow, your fellow boaters, your children or your guest upon your boat. Boating accidents can be horrible and deadly; approximately 800 people a year drown across the country just because they are not wearing a life jacket or PFD, personal flotation device.

It’s time for you to step up and be a leader by wearing your life jacket; your lead could save a life — yours or someone’s that you care about.

The other item that I would like to discuss is the value of a free sticker. The sticker is called a “Vessel Safety Check” sticker.

Bring your trailerable boat by West Marine,1628 E Broadway, Tempe (the NW corner of McClintock and Southern) on Mondays, and I, as a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and certified vessel examiner, will give you a courtesy vessel safety check.

We go over all the safety aspects of your boat, including your trailer. We will teach you how to be a leader in boating safety, talk to you about boating safety classes, and we will teach you how to get insurance discounts by taking a class and getting your boat inspected.

Now with all of these things that I have stated, what value do you put on a free sticker? Once your boat is examined and passes the inspection, you will receive an official vessel safety check sticker that can be displayed proudly on your vessel.

And if there is anything that you need for your boat, there will be an additional discount for any items that you would need on that day through West Marine. Let’s all work together to make our Arizona waterways safer.

Remember: Be a leader, and know that your lead could save a life, “Boat Smart from the Start,” always wear a life jacket and take a boating class.

For more information, call the Coast Guard Auxiliary at (480) 822-7855. Stop by the store and visit, and I am hoping to see you in a class or on the water.

Safe boating to you all!


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