Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

Safe Boating Week Is A Big Success!

Opening of Safe Boating events is one of our favorite boating events. Several people including ourselves cut short out of town vacations to make it back for this event.

We inspect boats for basic boating safety requirements and gives us a chance to meet people and provide additional information that they would like to know. Many boaters are experienced and many do not know what they should know about their own boat nor what to do in the water if they have a problem. This gives us a chance to explain what the gadgets on a boat are and how to use them. We explain the rules as well as give them practical gridlines. We also ask them if they would like to take a class and many do. They signed up the entire family.

People come with their families or their friends. We see the pets and even pet birds in a cage. Everyone gets involved and all parties feel an accomplishment.

Picture 123 is a man with his family from Prescott. Last year he was fire fighter of the year, He is captain of the paramedics And operates the fire department on Whisky Row in Prescott. The man smiling is his son Jimmy who turned 24 on this day.

131 were checking the HIN number to the paper work. Many times the Hin number has a number that incorrect.

144 has a very patient / anxious animal waiting to be on the water. His owner is getting the boat inspected.


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