Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

Stick It To Those Mussels!

Trailer boating as we knew it is no more because of these critters!


I went to a training session in Lake Mead in October and the alarm bells went off. With no real plan being developed by the agencies, other than "its the law," I was fearful California, Arizona, and Nevada could kill our weekend boater traffic.

So, we called a meeting and proposed the sticker program. We branded it — "Sticker a Mussel" and were able to get full support, especially from the California border stations, which hold our future in their hands. The program has been rolled out, and you can see the start on our Web site, redone by Bob Brown of Media Dirctions: (www.lhmarineassn.com).

Let’s chat. We made this portable- any organization dedicated to "Sticker a Mussel" can use all of our materials and will receive full support from the “Game and Fishes.”

You could play an important role in this movement. It’s astounding how little the boating industry and the public really understand about what is happening. Bob and I have been immersed in this for the last six months and we are still amazed.

Jim Salscheider

Lake Havasu Marine Association


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