Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

This Is Where The Desert Meets The Sea

Just shy of 4.5 hours south of the U.S.-Arizona border in the second-largest state in Mexico lies a truly unknown treasure for anyone and everyone who loves the ocean. The Sea of Cortes, affectionately named the “World’s Aquarium” by Jacques Cousteau, brings the beauty of the sea to the land of the desert perfectly in this ocean lover’s paradise.

With a population of around 10,000 ,give or take a 1,000, this quaint little pueblito is nestled along the irregular and stunning coastline that provides a character not found in more famous or populated areas of Mexico. Over the years, adventurous Americans and Canadians have found this waterfront wonder and made it home for some part or all of the year.

The attractions include the weather, the low cost of living and the laid-back lifestyle, but make no mistake about it, the main attraction is the water.

San Carlos is blessed with two of the finest marinas in all of Latin America. Renowned as a safe haven by long-distance voyagers, the facilities for boaters in San Carlos are second to none. Fuel docks, slips, safe anchorages, haul-out facilities, professional surveys, repair and maintenance are all readily available. From dinghies to long-range cruisers, San Carlos has the facilities mariners need.


Marina San Carlos is family owned and operated since 1976. Services include —

• Slips for boats up to 134 feet

• Launching ramp

• Crane

• Fuel station

• Dry storage

• International boat transport

• Complete boat maintenance and repair

So, if you are not already here, hurry up; paradise awaits!


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