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The Yellowtail Derby Now A Spring Fishing Feature

A Bit Of History

The first 28 years of the Yellowtail Derby, began the end of March 1946 and ran for six months. Anglers were more interested in tuna in the fall. We listened! The move to spring in 2011 brought many more anglers into the competition, as well as the number of fish caught, including the winning 39.5 lb. Yellowtail caught in the waters off La Jolla. The Yellowtail Derby has added excitement to the traditional yellowtail spring bite.

Fast Forward To 2013

The Yellowtail Derby will be competed from May 4-June 9. This is a Jackpot Tournament with 100 percent of the entry fees being returned to the anglers in $$$ and exciting prizes. At the 2012 Awards Banquet, the 2012 Winning Angler was “weighed in” and awarded his weight in ‘Ballast Point Pale Ale’.

This year, the fishing area remains at 80 miles south of San Diego’s Point Loma and north to the Orange County line and 80 miles west. All fish caught must be weighed-in daily at certified weigh stations.

Excitement is already building, and, according to organizer John Campbell, in excess of 500 entrants are anticipated over the 36 days of competition beginning May 4. The invitation to fish is open to all comers, including Arizonans, all of the 37 fishing clubs in San Diego County, and others. The derby will be promoted beyond San Diego via mass media, as well as on the Internet.

The charity will be benefiting the IGFA Junior Fishing Program

Miss Yellowtail Derby 2013

Tourney officials have announced the selection of the 2013 Miss Yellowtail Derby, Chanelle Innis, a San Diego College student — and, as her father Jack Innis, she certainly knows how to fish. She recently set an IGFA Junior World Record for corbina.

More information is available online at http://www.internationalyellowtailderby.com.


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