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April 15, 2013

You've probably seen it before: Every stretch is different. The way the banks wind and present a new portrait of our meadows and trees and mountains changes with each jaunt to another fishing hole. Spring surely is here.

As we hit another stretch of above-average seasonal spring temperatures, the opportunity to hit the White Mountain and Mogollon Rim streams and lakes will broaden. Unfortunately, many lakes and streams remain inaccessible, but any day now —

Rarin’ To Go

One lake is raring to go. Willow Springs Lake was ice covered last week, and now is ice free, full and spilling. The lake can be accessed by a dirt road to Sardine Point Along with Tunnel Reservoir and Woodland Lake, Willow Springs has been recently stocked with rainbow trout. Concho Lake already has received a rainbow-trout load. The summer stocking schedule tells the whole summer-stocking story.

The catch-and-keep season is here at Silver Creek, as about 50 anglers recently lined up along the creek just before sunrise for rainbow trout, some of which measured 18-24 inches.


Apache trout will be stocked in mid-May. The upper section is closed to angling, but the rest of the creek is open to general fishing regulations through Sept. 30.

Of the Williams lakes, Kaibab Lake, Cataract Lake, Dogtown Lake and Sante Fe have been stocked. Of the Flagstaff lakes, Lower Lake Mary has been stocked, Francis Short Pond is being stocked weekly and Oak Creek is now stocked.

The largemouth bass spawn in shallow waters is turning on statewide, striper fishing reportedly is hot in Lake Powell, and at Lees Ferry; the swallows made their annual return to the canyon, followed a day later by the first primary midge hatchings, which only will intensify as the weather warms.

Road Closure

If you're headed to the Ferry, take note: On Feb. 20, a portion of road on Highway 89, which goes from the Junction of Highway 89A to Page, collapsed. The closure does not affect anyone travelling to Lees Ferry or Marble Canon as long as the driver avoids Page. All north-south travel can be completed by using 89A which is much quicker and shorter that the detour through Page. For more info visit: Thanks to Dean Windham and T.J. Carrington and the folks at Lees Ferry Anglers for that bit of information.

Re-Design In The Works

As for this report, expect a redesign in the coming weeks, as further changes to separate information updated weekly from previous information will be made. There will also be a change in the graphic design of the e-mailed report. Like the opening of the high-elevation lakes, those changes will be slow and steady.

We will continue to gather reports from reliable sources that point you to the fish.

Until next time, keep sending those reports and fish photos to


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