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New Book Introduces Hunters To Pursuit Of Arizona's Small Game

An Introduction to Hunting Arizona’s Small Game

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is proud to announce that its latest book, An Introduction to Hunting Arizona’s Small Game, is now available.

The 198-page book is a fantastic resource that provides expert tips for hunting Arizona's small game birds and mammals, from quail and doves to squirrels and rabbits. Extensively illustrated with color photos, it includes detailed descriptions of small game animals and specialized information about their behavior and habits.

It will help new and experienced hunters alike select the right firearm, gear up for the hunt, succeed in the field, and care for the harvest. David Brown, author and retired chief of the department's Game Branch, calls the book "an ideal field companion."

Author Randall D. Babb is a biologist, naturalist and hunter who has contributed to many scholarly and popular publications. His extensive knowledge of wildlife keeps him in demand as a writer, photographer, illustrator, speaker and tour leader.

Babb started his career with the U.S. Forest Service in 1983 and moved to the Arizona Game and Fish Department in 1986. He currently manages the information and education program for Game and Fish's regional office in Mesa.

The book costs $16.95and is available for sale over the counter starting Dec. 17.

For more information or to see an excerpt from the book, visit http://www.azgfd.gov/publications.


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