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Page, AZ – National Park Service Rangers are searching for two missing persons in two separate incidences that occurred over the last several days.

A swimmer was reported missing in Gunsight Bay on Friday, September 21 at approximately 11:00 am. The 35 year-old male from Salt Lake City jumped off a wakeboat and was swimming to the houseboat when he began to

call for help. Members of the group attempted to assist, but were unable to find him after he slipped beneath the surface.

On Monday, September 24 at approximately 7:00 pm, a 911 call was received reporting a missing person in Padre Bay. During a localized windstorm with high wind and waves, a houseboat was pushed off shore and began to drift.

A 58 year old male from Scottsdale used a jet ski to seek help from a nearby houseboat. He picked up another person to go to the assistance of the drifting boat.

Neither person on the jet ski was wearing a lifejacket

or the kill-switch lanyard. As they were motoring toward the distressed houseboat, the jet ski lanyard fell off and activated the engine kill switch. The 58 year old jumped into the water to retrieve the lanyard and in the meantime the passenger was able to restart the jet ski and motored

to the distressed houseboat. When members of the group were informed that there was still a person in the water, they attempted rescue but were unable to locate the missing man.

National Park Service Rangers, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Dive Team, Kane County Sheriff’s Office and Utah State Highway Patrol Dive Team are assisting with both searches. The incidences are under investigation

by Kane County Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of the National Park Service.

All of the seven drownings this year could have been prevented if the victims had been wearing life jackets.


Page, AZ– The showers at Lone Rock Beach will be closed for planned maintenance work to improve the facilities beginning October 1, 2012 and will reopen in May. All restroom facilities will remain open and available for public use.


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