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Don’t Let The ‘Mild’ Fool You

Arizona winters are mild, and recreational boating is popular year-round, but an unexpected immersion into cold water can cause hypothermia and even lead to a life-threatening situation.

Entering extremely cold water causes an immediate gasp reflex that can fill the lungs with water. After falling overboard or entering the water, it is important to be wearing your life jacket (PFD). A life jacket keeps your head above water and your body on the surface.

Stay calm and move slowly. Don't try to take off clothing in the water (a common misconception is that heavy clothing or waders weigh down your body when in fact can trap air and help keep your body afloat).

If your boat has capsized, stay with it. More than likely, it will not sink and it can be used as a platform to maneuver, so stay on top of it as much as possible, getting yourself out of the water and maintaining stability.


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