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Intake Rake

Jet Engine Boats

If you own or sell jet-engine boats, the most common problem encountered is an unexpected stall-out due to seaweed or debris getting stuck in your intake grate. The current and most efficient way to clear these clogs is to take a dip in the water and unclog the debris by hand. Fairfield Welding LLC has manufactured a new product that is specifically designed for jet-engine boats to easily clear the intake grate while in the comfort of your boat. It is called the Intake Rake. The Intake Rake is custom fabricated with multiple bends, thus allowing the rake to reach the intake grate under your boat to clear the debris. This product is handcrafted in the USA, is made of durable stainless steel, and collapsible so it is easy to store. Most important, the Intake Rake is compatible with any new or older style jet-engine boat. There are no other products like this available for sale online or in any marine catalog. Please check it out online at http://www.intakerake.com or call (973)582-3522 if you are interested in purchasing or carrying our product. Dealer discounting is available.


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