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Playground Challenge Dares You To Jump Outside Your Comfort Zone

On Nov. 3-4, the exciting 5k obstacle course event DOUBLE DOG DARE – Playground Challenge kicks off its national tour right here in Phoenix at Lake Pleasant.

With a portion of the proceeds going to benefit Banner Health Cardon Children’s Medical Center, the event features playground-inspired obstacles of varying difficulties and is meant for adults and for kids over 10 years of age. Registration costs are $55 per person and groups are encouraged to apply together to participate in the same heat at http://www.DDDchallenge.com.

The DOUBLE DOG DARE – Playground Challenge is “An edgy, playground-inspired, 5K obstacle course for everyone that dares you to jump outside your comfort zone — just for the fun of it.”

For adults, the playground-inspired obstacles hearken you back to carefree days of dodge ball and monkey bars. For kids, it’s a chance to show the world your skills.

Three challenge levels make this course ideal for all participants. The “Double Dare” obstacles are challenging enough for kids and adults looking for some outdoor fun. The “Double DOG Dare” obstacles are more challenging for serious participants and the “Triple Dog Dare” is a nearly impossible obstacle, for adults only, designed to make even the most athletic thrill-seeking individual think twice.

Outta Town Productions (OTP,) the company behind DOUBLE DOG DARE, has developed outdoor/adventure events all over the world for more than 20 years. “This time we wanted to design an event for everyone, regardless of age or skill level. We wanted an event where college students and athletes will have as much fun and feel as challenged as families and church groups” said Luis “Luie” Garrido, OTP president, “so everyone can participate.”

The event is being held at Lake Pleasant, which allows for some interesting water-related challenges. It’s also a good place to rinse off the dirt when you’re done. There’s even an obstacle for that. Participants should expect to get muddy and are encouraged to wear old shoes. You might want to bring a towel too, just in case.

There are a total of 19 different challenges with names like Dodgeball, Mr. Ed, Hopscotch and Fire Drill. One obstacle called Frisbee has participants swinging from one suspended disc to the next; another called Skipping Stones has you walking, crawling or otherwise traversing a series of inner tubes across the water.

For more information about each of the challenges, except for the super-secret “Triple Dog Dare” visit http://www.DDDchallenge.com.

Outta Town Productions is an event/travel/adventure organization based in Phoenix, Ariz. Since 1990, OTP has been leading exciting outings throughout the world for individuals and groups interested in activities such as hiking, beach volleyball, backpacking, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, weekend warrior challenges and more.

Visit OTP online at http://www.outtatownproductions.com.


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