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Monsoon Season May Be Ending, But —

The Southwest Can Still Have Storms In Store

As we make plans to go out to the lake, we have listened to the weather forecast and storms are either not identified or most often not talked about because the chance is slight.

As you go about your day on the lake, be vigilant of those storm cells that are small and fast moving. Most often, you will have a great amount of wind blowing through the area prior to the rain.

If you were paying attention to the weather (and it gets stormy) then the best thing to do is to move to a sheltered cove and just wait for it to pass. This is a good time to just relax and see what the weather will bring.

And, if you’re a photographer, often you can get your best camera adventures just after the storm. In other words, make the bad weather work in your favor and you will see things that you would not normally see.

If you happen to get caught in the storm, do not attempt to beat the storm because all your fellow boaters are thinking the same thing. This makes the ramps congested and, consequently, many people get irritated, making for more stress than you need, especially at this time.

If you see potential storm clouds forming on the horizon, but you do not yet feel the effects, you may cut your outing short and head back to the marina early. However, if you do get stuck out in the weather, do not panic.

Put on your life jackets and look for a sheltered area. Be vigilant of changing conditions. Set an anchor and maintain an anchor watch.

Whatever you do, stay calm and enjoy the end of the day just as you enjoyed the beginning.

For additional information, Phoenix Power Squadron (along with Arizona Game & Fish, the Coast Guard Auxiliary, and the Lake Pleasant Sailing Club) on any of the above skills there are great courses that will improve your ability to properly react.

Also, see page 3 of this issue for a list of classes.


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