Times Spent Outdoors: Priceless!

Roecker On Independence

Indy’s On The 23 Spot!

ROECKER ON INDEPENDENCE -- Indy’s on The 23 Spot! Here on The Ridge, yellowtail to over 40 pounds gang-bite all day long, on everything we show ‘em: sardines, iron jigs yo-yoed and on the surface, swimbaits and sinker rigs. Frenzied yellows swarm and push after my mint-colored surface jig to see which fish gets the prize to chew, shoving one another to get the iron. We release dozens. Dorado crowd under floating kelp, blast out as we slide up to the paddie, backs knifing out of the water, greyhounding right up to the Indy. Yellowfin tuna snap with great vigor! Chef Ed and assistant Michele set three fine meals and two snacks daily: prime rib, eggs Benedict, rack of lamb, delicious chicken and fresh yellowtail with sauce and vegetables. Step aboard Independence with owner-skipper Mark Pisano, Capt. Jeff DeBuys and host Bill Roecker (shown here), for the fishing time of your life!


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