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Summer Trout Stocking Schedule Goes Hi-Tech

Ever wondered where the feisty rainbow trout are stocked along Christopher Creek or Tonto Creek by the Arizona Game and Fish Department? Well, just click here.

Thanks to a new hi-tech online interactive trout stocking schedule just released by Arizona Game and Fish, you can now find out where trout are stocked — especially along streams — and also see maps of the fisheries as well.

The full address is —http://www.azgfd.gov/pdfs/h_f/fishing/stocking/2012SumTroutStockSchedule.pdf

“Anglers routinely call asking, ‘Where do you stock trout’ at one water or another, especially the streams. This interactive stocking schedule goes a long way toward answering that question,” said Scott Gurtin, the hatcheries program manager for Game and Fish.

The map was Scott’s brain child. “Another cool feature is you can enter your starting address and have Google maps show you the way to the fishing spot,” Gurtin said.

So, not only has the spring-summer trout stocking season kicked into gear, but also it’s easier than ever to find out where the fisheries are located, how to get to them, and when feasible, know when and where the trout are stocked.

It’s time to get your trout fishing gear ready because this is the leading edge of the great spring fishing.

“To me, it’s pretty exciting. Today’s technological advances and applications such as Google maps allow us to better serve our angling customers,” Gurtin said. “Be sure to get your 2012 fishing license.”

There is also a new interactive online fishing map available at http://gis.azgfd.gov/fishandboat to make it even easier to gather information about fishing locations, and to travel to them.

Don’t forget that you can also sign up at http://www.azgfd.gov to have the weekly fishing report delivered directly to your computer, smart phone or other e-mail-friendly device.

Go catch some memories!


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