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His Last Book

Ed Ries Leaves Us A Valuable Legacy

His Last Book

Ed Ries Leaves Us A Valuable Legacy

By Bill Roecker


Ed Ries had a wealthy fishing career. He caught swordfish, tuna, blue marlin, sailfish, black sea bass, halibut, and just about any game fish you can think of, including bonefish in San Diego Bay.

He fished for mackerel and barracuda, white seabass, bonito and dozens of different kinds of rockfish. He knew about every sportfishing boat, barge or pier south of San Francisco, and in his day was a respected marine artist. You’ll see some of his artwork in this, his final book.

Fishing books are common here in Southern California. A book like Looking Astern (also the name of the column Ed has produced for Pacific Coast Sportfishing) is extremely uncommon. This is an excellent book, full of information you couldn’t get any other way.

After reading it through, I’ve got to say it is truly special. Buy it. Every angler should have a copy in his or her fishing library.

Looking Astern by Ed Ries, © 2011 Printed by Monterey Publications, 25572 Sarita Drive, Laguna Hills, CA 92653. Retail price: $19.95

Right now, you can get all three of Ed’s books from FishingVideos.com. The first two will be gone soon, however, as there are only a few copies left.

The Southland lost a great fisherman in Ed Ries, but his work will live on in the libraries of anglers who own these great books.


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