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Red Snapper From The Gulf Of Mexico

Recently the U.S. House of Representatives passed without objection H.R. 5126, the Direct Enhancement of Snapper Conservation and the Economy through Novel Devices Act of 2020 (DESCEND Act). The bill... Full story

 By ASA    Fishing    July 1, 2017

Trump Administration Delivers for Saltwater Recreational Anglers

Washington, D.C. – June 28, 2017 – Today, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced the 2017 Regional Fishery Management Council (RFMC) appointments and has shown that recreational fishing and... Full story

 By ASA    Fishing    June 1, 2017

Sportfishing Industry Voices Deep Concern Over A New Louisiana Red Snapper Proposal

A controversial two-year pilot program could lead to a private recreational limited access program for red snapper. Alexandria, VA – May 26, 2017 – The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and... Full story

 By ASA    Fishing    December 1, 2015

Sportfishing Industry Lists 2015 Top Recreational Fishing Advocacy Accomplishments

Alexandria, VA – December 15 – 2015 - Over the course of 2015, numerous legislative, public policy and advocacy activities occurred that will have a lasting impact on recreational fishing's... Full story

 By NMMA    Fishing    July 1, 2015

NMMA Encourages Angling Advocacy Through Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation

Washington, D.C. – June 18, 2015 – The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) announced today is official endorsement of Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation (BASC), a new intuitive... Full story

 By ASA    Fishing    July 1, 2015

Graves-Miller Bill Will Better Conserve Gulf Red Snapper, Improve Access

WASHINGTON, D.C. – July 16, 2015 – Leaders in the recreational fishing community today lauded new bipartisan legislation by U.S. Representatives Garret Graves (R-La.) and Jeff Miller (R-Fla.)... Full story

 By ASA    Fishing    May 15, 2015

Recreational Saltwater Fishing Coalition Lauds House Legislation

Washington, D.C. - June 2, 2015 – A coalition of organizations representing the saltwater recreational fishing and boating community congratulated the U.S. House of Representatives on its passage... Full story

 By ASA    Fishing    May 15, 2015

Sportfishing Industry Association Appoints Manager for the Keep Florida Fishing Initiative

Alexandria, VA – June 3, 2015 - The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) is pleased to announce that Gary Jennings, a life-long, avid angler and boater, has joined the ASA staff as the Manager... Full story

 By NMMA    Fishing    April 15, 2015

Legislation Advances to Benefit Saltwater Recreational Fishing

Washington, D.C. – May 1, 2015 – Leaders in the recreational fishing and boating community yesterday highlighted the progress in elevating the importance of saltwater recreational fishing in the... Full story

 By ASA    Fishing    April 15, 2015

New Report Demonstrates Potential Economic Gains from Reallocations

Alexandria, Va. – May 12, 2015 – A report released today further demonstrates the importance of reviewing how the nation’s marine fisheries are allocated between the recreational and commercial... Full story

 By ASA    WOOT    July 15, 2014

Senate Strangles Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act Of 2014

July 10, the U.S. Senate effectively killed the Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act of 2014 when it failed to pass a vote that would have moved the bill forward. After 81 amendments were offered to the bill,... Full story

 By WOT    Fishing    June 15, 2014

Frustrated With Gulf Red Snapper Management?

Anglers in the Gulf of Mexico region need to make their voices heard in support of improved access to one of the region's most important fisheries – red snapper! A landmark rule currently being...

 By WOT    Fishing    May 15, 2014

Recreational Fishing and Boating Community Underwhelmed By House Magnuson-Stevens Act Reauthorization Bill

Washington, D.C. – May 29, 2014 – As Congress continues exploring reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (Magnuson-Stevens Act), the primary law governing... Full story

 By WOT    Fishing    November 15, 2013

Senate Hearing Explores Southeast Marine Fisheries Management Issues

American Sportfishing Association Alexandria, VA – November 14, 2013 - With much of the controversy surrounding federal management of saltwater recreational fishing centered in the South Atlantic an... Full story


Wind, Rain and Plenty of Fish in Biscayne Bay!

Our South Florida weather continues to be on the strange side. It's almost December and we still haven't seen temperatures dip below 60 degrees let alone 70. But that should change in a few days. A pretty good cold front has been predicted to move in... Full story


Early Hot Fall Fishing In South Florida!

South Florida is in a transition period as we move out of our summer pattern and into the beginnings of Fall. If you have been keeping up with my fishing reports you have noticed that this has been... Full story

 By WOT    WOOT    August 15, 2013

Bipartisan Members Of Congress File Solution To Gulf Red Snapper Mess

WASHINGTON, DC (9-12-2013) – A bipartisan coalition led by Rep. Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) and Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) introduced legislation today that charts a new course for management of Gulf... Full story


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