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 By AZBW    Boating    July 1, 2022

Clean Outboards

Whether it's a single small outboard on the back of a runabout or quads on an offshore center console, it's important to maintain engines in showroom-like condition. Keeping cowlings clean not only... Full story

 By AZBW    Boating    May 1, 2022

Water Blade

After washing a boat, it's important to dry it before unsightly water spots develop. Old towels and chamois cloths are a traditional method, but they're slow, require exhaustive wringing and tend to... Full story

 By AZBW    Boating    April 1, 2021

Boat Cleaning

Whether just off the showroom floor or aging gracefully, every boat needs to be cleaned to keep it looking its best. Using its One-Handle-Does-It-All system as the foundation, Shurhold gathered the... Full story

 By AZBW    Boating    January 1, 2021

Shurhold Camera Adapter

The Internet is full of incredible photos and videos taken with action cameras. With the Shurhold Camera Adapter, it's easy to mount a GoPro or Garmin VIRB to any of their 11 handles and capture... Full story

 By AZBW    RVing    December 1, 2020

Restoring Your RV

Whether on the road all season or stored on a driveway, wind-blown dirt, insects and the sun's UV rays wreak havoc on an RV. Dark colors show it first, but even white will turn dull, chalky and... Full story

 By AZBW    Boating    November 1, 2020

Restoring Your Hull

Whether afloat all season or stored on the hard, salt spray, wind-blown dirt and the sun's UV rays wreak havoc on a hull. Dark colors show it first, but even white gelcoat will turn dull, chalky and...

 By Jim Allen    RVing    May 1, 2020

Dual Action Polisher Pro

Many RVers have time on their hands. A great solo project is polishing the trailer or motor home with a Dual Action Polisher Pro from Shurhold. A powerful tool that's easy to use, it brings new life b... Full story

 By Jim Allen    RVing    April 1, 2020

RV Social Distancing

With large public events being canceled due to concerns over coronavirus COVID-19, RVing is perhaps the most enjoyable way to spend time with immediate family while still social distancing. Even away... Full story

 By Jim Allen    RVing    April 1, 2020

Brush Handles

When using an RV brush or mop, few things are as frustrating as rubbing it up against the finish and leaving a scratch. Shurhold's Handle Mate PFD prevents this from happening. Slipped over the... Full story

 By AZBW    RVing    January 1, 2020

Shurhold Brush

Washing a large RV takes time, especially when a second tool is needed to get at tenacious dirt and grime. With Shurhold Industries' new 10" Soft/Medium Combo Brush, it's easy to cover a lot of... Full story

 By WOT    RVing    September 1, 2019

Brite Wash

A Clean RV Starts With Brite Wash , thinking harsh equals effective. Nothing could be further from the truth. It instead removes any previously applied protective products, makes it difficult to... Full story

 By Jim Allen    RVing    August 1, 2019

Polishing Your RV

Even after washing and thoroughly rinsing an RV, it's easy to have water spots left behind. Not only are they unsightly, but over time, being mineral deposits, they can actually etch and permanently... Full story

 By WOT    RVing    July 1, 2019

The Bucket, Re-Imagined

Technology advances at blinding speed in the RV world. Few would expect something like a lowly pail to keep pace, but that was before the Deluxe One Bucket System. Shurhold Industries completely... Full story

 By AZBW    RVing    June 1, 2019

Clean-N-Simple Tips

Anyone who's ever used a touchscreen knows how dirty it can get, even without fingers covered in hand cream or sunblock. A late night bucket of chicken brings smudging to a whole new level. Shurhold... Full story

 By AZBW    Boating    June 1, 2019

Action Cameras Extend Up To 9', Above Or Below The Roofline

With a waterproof action camera, there's seemingly no limit to the incredible videos that can be recorded. The only limitation has been the length of an arm or flimsy selfie stick. With Shurhold Indus... Full story


Shurhold's Dual Action Polisher

Summer sunshine brings with it damaging UV rays. The resulting oxidation leaves RVs looking old and neglected. With the right tools, like Shurhold's World's Best Dual Action Polisher and a jar of... Full story

 By Jim Allen    RVing    June 1, 2019

Moldaway Cleans The Natural Way

Keeping an RV spot-free is a constant battle, with many owners resorting to harsh, toxic chemicals and lots of elbow grease. Moldaway from Shurhold Industries is different. It's an oxygenated cleaner... Full story


One Bucket System

The word "innovative" is oft-used, but rarely in reference to a pail. With Shurhold Industries' One Bucket System, the term is almost insufficient. Creatively designed and engineered, it stores and...

 By WOT    RVing    April 1, 2018

Shurhold Industry - Snap Stick

It's a snap with Shurhold Industry Snap Stick. Dirt and road grime play havoc with zippers, snaps and hinges. Frustrated RV, car, truck and motorcycle owners often buy special tools just to open and... Full story

 By WOT    Boating    January 1, 2018

Camera Adapter Makes The Ultimate Selfie Stick

Household selfie sticks may capture backyard action, but when it comes to surviving repeated use in a marine environment-or reaching up 9'-they come up short. Shurhold Industries' Camera Adapter... Full story

 By WOT    Boating    November 1, 2017

Now, Long-Handled Aluminum Tools Won't Scratch Or Sink

Boat hooks and brush handles can accidentally scratch and mar fine boat finishes. Shurhold Industries' patented Handle Mate PFD slips over the aluminum shaft of its Telescoping and Fixed Length... Full story

 By WOT    RVing    October 1, 2017

The Easy Way To A Perfect, Long-Lasting RV Shine

The single best way to protect an RV's finish is to wax it. Shurhold Industries, the global leader in RV care and maintenance products, offers simple tips for creating a perfect, long-lasting...

 By WOT    RVing    November 1, 2016

Shurhold's Brite Bonnet PRO Final Polish Pad

A freshly waxed RV reflects everything, from a scenic campsite to the pride in its owner's face. Now, waxing is easier than ever with Shurhold's popular Brite Bonnet PRO Final Polish Pad. Designed to... Full story

 By WOT    RVing    May 1, 2016

Savvy RV Owners Save Money With DIY Detailing

RV owners tired of paying $5–7 a foot to have their rigs professionally cleaned can instead detail with quality DIY tools and products. They make the job fast and easy, while being significantly... Full story

 By AZBW    RVing    May 1, 2016

Clean, Polish, Protect In One Easy Step

The best way to keep an RV in top shape is to keep it clean. But detailing a large motorhome or trailer can be an arduous task. Shurhold's Serious Shine makes short work of maintenance by cleaning, po... Full story


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