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 By NRA    WOOT    August 1, 2022

Independence Day and Gunpowder are Forever Linked

by Charles C. W. Cooke Posted on July 3, 2022 Because I still have a strong English accent, Independence Day tends to bring with it a whole host of good-natured jokes at my expense. “Didn’t we...  Website

 By Carol L Allen    Events   

Downstream Events Calendar June 2022

Early June Through Early December: NRA-Certified Firearm Training Spring is finally here and to celebrate we've added more NRA Certified Training Courses to meet increased demand. Whether you're a...  Website

 By AZGFD    Events   

Arizona Game And Fish Department Outdoor Expo 2022

It has been decided that we will be hosting an Outdoor Expo April 2-3, 2022. Event times have changed to 9am - 4pm on Saturday and 9am - 3pm on Sunday.Due to some scheduling conflicts along with... Full story


How to Keep Your Guns

Bob Corbin, former Attorney General of Arizona, is a staunch supporter of our constitutional right to bear arms. He served as AG from 1972 to 1991, the longest of any other elected official. Mr.... Full story


Being A Gray Man

Of course, all of this advice applies to women as well. When I was growing up, the high school parking lot would be full of pickup trucks with a full gun rack on the back window. Everybody I knew hunt... Full story


Concealed Carry Case Goes To Supreme Court

Concealed Carry Case Goes To Supreme Court Letter From The NRA The National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) has partnered with the New York State Rifle and Pistol... Full story


How To Practice When You Can't Find Ammo

The year 2021 is starting out with ammunition shortages that are probably going to continue well into the year, according to the NRA. Even guys who reload their own ammo are having a hard time,... Full story

 By NRA    Shooting Sports    January 1, 2020

Tonto National Forest Recreational Shooting and Hunting Plan

Arizona: Draft Forest Plan for the Tonto National Forest Addresses both Recreational Shooting and Hunting The US Forest Service has released a plan for the Tonto National Forest that will guide its... Full story

 By NRA    WOOT    July 1, 2019

Democrat's Presidential Field Offers No Pro-Gun-Rights Candidates

“A new 3rd rail in politics” Voters get no choice—Only government agents to be properly armed No limit to officials’ firepower, or raw power “Media is not woke on this issue” The Founding... Full story

 By NRA    WOOT    May 1, 2019

What "Unsigning" the Arms Trade Treaty Means for American Gun Owners

Last Friday, President Trump took the historic step of ordering the “unsigning” of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty during his address to the NRA-ILA’s Leadership Forum. President Trump’s...  Website

 By NRA    WOOT    April 1, 2019

Freedom-Defining Election Day

November 3, 2020 will be a day you and I remember for the rest of our lives – a freedom-defining Election Day when our gun rights will be at stake like never before. If we win this battle, it will b... Full story

 By WOOT    Shooting Sports    March 1, 2019

NRA - Friends of Freedom

"Paul Ryan is a man of high integrity and moral character who is respected by all. He is always smiling and is an inspiration to all. Paul’s strength is in the sponsorship program. He sets a...  Website

 By NRA    WOOT    February 1, 2019

Nancy Pelosi Moving Forward With Freedom-Killing, Gun-Control

Nancy Pelosi is moving forward with freedom-killing, gun-control legislation RIGHT NOW. Congress is preparing to vote on H.R. 8 as early as next week. This is Barack Obama’s so-called “universal...  Website

 By WDFW    Shooting Sports    August 1, 2018

WDFW Announces Shooting Bans Added To Fire-Prevention Strategies

Contact: WDFW Wildlife Program, (360) 902-2515 Statewide shooting ban added to other fire-prevention strategies on WDFW lands. OLYMPIA – The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) will... Full story

 By NRA    Shooting Sports    April 1, 2018

NRA - Unfriendly Skies: Delta Airlines

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida, murders, there has been an unusual amount of anti-gun and anti-NRA commentary by private corporations with plenty of problems of their own. In February, Delta...  Website

 By NRA    Shooting Sports    March 1, 2018

Arizona: Political Tactics in Phoenix Threatening Your Rights

Your NRA-ILA has learned that anti-gun legislators may attempt to use political maneuvers in order to push through gun control legislation on Thursday, March 8th. Please contact your state Senator... Full story

 By NRA    Shooting Sports    March 1, 2018

NRA-ILA GRASSROOTS - So They're Not Coming for Our Guns, Eh? We call BS.

Publishers Note - Anyone who believes the fight is over needs to pay attention to the NRA. Visit https://membership.nra.org/FAQ to get the real information about the efforts to repeal the second... Full story

 By WOT    Events   

NASCAR's Childress Gives Back To Hunting, Fishing, Conservation

Richard Childress is best known for his success on the NASCAR circuits but has also become one of the great champions of conservation. His success on the track has enabled him to give back to the... Full story


Substantial Firearm Optimization?

Are you the type of man or woman who wants great shooting firearms along with unrivaled accuracy every time you pull the trigger? Fantastic! You are among most other shooters and hunters out there who... Full story

 By WOT    Shooting Sports    June 1, 2017

National Shooting Sports Foundation Continues Support Of NHFD

National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHF Day) once again welcomes the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) as sponsor of the celebration of sportsmen and women who help educate the public on conser... Full story


Mothers' Day Gifts For Shooters

Mothers' Day is the perfect opportunity to show mom (or your wife) how much you love her by getting her a gift that she'll enjoy all year long. There are lots of cool things for moms who shoot, or... Full story

 By WOT    Shooting Sports    April 1, 2017

New .22 Rimfire Suppressor

MKS Supply, Inc., Dayton, OH, April 2017- Inland Firearms, makers of the incredibly popular Inland series of M1Carbines, is now producing a classic-looking sound suppressor for .22 rimfire firearms th... Full story


Self-Defense Insurance

I'm assuming that if you have a Concealed Carry Permit it's because you actually carry a weapon and would be willing to use it to defend yourself or your loved ones if your lives were being... Full story

 By WOT    Shooting Sports    March 1, 2017

Arizona: March 15th Deadline

It is imperative that sportsmen and women speak now about the Draft Target Shooting Plan for Sonoran Desert National Monument. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released for public comment a plan... Full story

 By AZBW    Events   

Phoenix, AZ - In Focus

Publisher's Note: We at Arizona Boating & Watersports / Western Outdoor Times would like to congratulate Don McDowell. His hard work, perseverance, and dedication to preserving our wildlife has... Full story


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