Photos from: Fur And Feather Sends Update

Using Tires For New Dog Houses (tire dog house under construction) - Our plans for expanding dog runs is on the top of the list as well as making ten new tire dog house shelters. With new dogs coming in, it seems we should make some more room for dogs to have larger areas to run and a cozier place to rest. We want to make permanent dog houses for each of these larger dog runs out used car tires. Jennifer was inspired by Mike Reynolds Earth Ship concept in Taos, N.M. She thought, if these types of homes can be built for humans, why not make smaller versions for dogs? These are nearly indestructible, well insulated and will provide warmth in the winter and be nice and cool in the summer. Once built, they are beautifully covered with stucco and are quite eye appealing. We started a protoype and it took about a day to build. We are excited about this new project getting started soon! Any help or ideas in this area will also be greatly appreciated.

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